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Congratulations to the SEC Champions

Today is a great day in Titletown, USA.  Congratulations to the greatest bunch of players and coaches in the world.  It is truly a pleasure and a privilege to cheer for the mighty Crimson Tide.  Roll Tide.

There IS news on the music front this week, though.  Quite a bit.  We’ll start with the first half and then move on later in the week.

  • Tonight on WVUA 90.7 FM, I will be a guest on The Local Show, along with most of the artists from my label to promote the Hackberry Records Acoustic Showcase this Tuesday night at the Bama Theatre.  Proceeds benefit the Tuscaloosa Good Samaritan Clinic.  Great cause, great tunes.  Tune in and find out more.

More later, after I recover from yesterday.  Holy crap.


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15th Street Dinah is a blog primarily about music coming to and coming from the Tuscaloosa, AL area. From time to time, we might veer off course...but for the most part, that's our thing.

We're named in honor of the great Dinah Washington, Tuscaloosa native and "Queen of the Blues".

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