15th Street Dinah

"The world is a showplace, we all know that for a fact."

Conflict of Interest = Closing of the Blog

Okay, folks.

I can no longer handle the conflict of interest that this blog puts in front of me.  I ran a local label, how can I objectively recommend shows to see?  I can’t.  So I won’t.  That’s that.

I’m going to switch over to a different blog that is more obviously mine and stay with that.  I think it’ll make things more interesting, certainly make posts more frequent, and end the journalistic dismay I feel every time I recommend one of my acts on this page.

http://hackberryrecords.tumblr.com  Feel free to join me there.  Thanks for the visits and support, and we’ll see you on the hipper, more colorful side.


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15th Street Dinah is a blog primarily about music coming to and coming from the Tuscaloosa, AL area. From time to time, we might veer off course...but for the most part, that's our thing.

We're named in honor of the great Dinah Washington, Tuscaloosa native and "Queen of the Blues".

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