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Conflict of Interest = Closing of the Blog

Okay, folks.

I can no longer handle the conflict of interest that this blog puts in front of me.  I ran a local label, how can I objectively recommend shows to see?  I can’t.  So I won’t.  That’s that.

I’m going to switch over to a different blog that is more obviously mine and stay with that.  I think it’ll make things more interesting, certainly make posts more frequent, and end the journalistic dismay I feel every time I recommend one of my acts on this page.

http://hackberryrecords.tumblr.com  Feel free to join me there.  Thanks for the visits and support, and we’ll see you on the hipper, more colorful side.


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The holidays are here….

…and how do we know that?  Well, Tuscaloosa is dead.  D-E-A-D.

Therefore, I’ll spend some time this week finishing up the Top 10 Albums/Songs of the Year lists before heading up the Shoals this weekend for Daniel Crisler’s (former bass player for The National Trust) wedding.

I might be playing a gig or two this week, and if so, I’ll update here.  Also, Mark Ingram will be on David Letterman tomorrow night– and that’s a must see.

So for all of us (me) here at the Dinah, enjoy your week.

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“A Great Day in Tuscaloosa”

David Smith has posted the wonderful shot from the Great Day in Tuscaloosa photo shoot a few weeks back, and we obviously recommend that you go check it out.

It represents generations of artists and movers and shakers in this community, and it was a really great idea.  It is now on display at Egan’s Bar and David’s website. Nice work, everyone.

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Congratulations to the SEC Champions

Today is a great day in Titletown, USA.  Congratulations to the greatest bunch of players and coaches in the world.  It is truly a pleasure and a privilege to cheer for the mighty Crimson Tide.  Roll Tide.

There IS news on the music front this week, though.  Quite a bit.  We’ll start with the first half and then move on later in the week.

  • Tonight on WVUA 90.7 FM, I will be a guest on The Local Show, along with most of the artists from my label to promote the Hackberry Records Acoustic Showcase this Tuesday night at the Bama Theatre.  Proceeds benefit the Tuscaloosa Good Samaritan Clinic.  Great cause, great tunes.  Tune in and find out more.

More later, after I recover from yesterday.  Holy crap.

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Want some free, local music?

My record label, Hackberry Records has just reissued two releases from recent signee Callooh! Callay!.

Live from The Bama Theatre and The Bird’s Run are now HAC-005 and HAC-006, respectively.  Best of all, they are available for FREE download from their website…

…which you can access by clicking here.

It’s also worth noting that they will be appearing live this Thursday night with The Motions at Mellow Mushroom as part of the Fall WVUA 90.7 benefit concert. More on that event coming soon.

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The Sunday Hangover Grips Tuscaloosa

Obviously, many of you took the advice of these pages and you got out last night and heard some music.  There were a TON of new faces around town, in all kinds of different spots…and that’s really great.

That’s not just shows I was promoting, either.  Friends all over town were telling me that there were an unusual amount of people out last night to see live music, especially for it being an away weekend in football.  Sure– “away” is a relative term when we’re talking about a Mississippi State game, but it’s still a great sign.

Spirits were high last night, and I’m sure that a collective hangover is gripping the city at this very moment.  You should all be proud of yourselves.

In the meantime…

Recover from this weekend by listening to a recap of it, and a preview of the upcoming week (it’s gonna be cool).  Where can you do this?

WVUA 90.7 FM.  LIVE!  Tonight from 8-10PM!

I’ll be a guest on The Local Show tonight, along with Toby and Max from The Motions!  Who knows who else might stop by?

So listen up, tonight.  It should be fun.

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Tuscaloosa Bands in B-Ham Friday Night

If you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO BE in Larryland, a.k.a. Birmingham, this Friday, then we have some Tuscaloosa acts that will be in the area that you should check out.  Normally, we don’t talk much about the ‘Ham, but I suppose we should since there isn’t much going down Friday night in Tuscaloosa.

  • The Motions will be playing a house party at Magic City Wholesale with Model Citizen Friday night.
  • Matt Mackey and the Still Guns will be playing at The High Note Lounge Friday night, as well.

So there.  Tuscaloosa jams in the Ham.  Hit it up.

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Halloween Weekend in T-Town

There’s definitely some notable stuff going down this weekend in town, so here’s all the info you need to get out there and take advantage.

First off, Oz Music will be having a Halloween sale and it’s worth stopping in for.  Come shopping in costume and you’ll get 15% off your TOTAL purchase.  That’s a good sale.  They’ll also have candy for, and I quote the owner here, “kids of all ages”.  So check that out and support independent businesses here in town.

Here’s some of the live music you can look for this weekend:

  • The Dexateens are playing at Mellow Mushroom on Saturday night.  Because it’s at the Mushroom, Shane Lollar will be running sound– and that means it’s the best spot to see the ‘Teens.
  • Evil Rico is playing at the Jupiter tonight.  Now, I will admit that I’m not the biggest fan of the Jupiter (that’s another story for another time), but you can’t find nicer folks than the guys that make up Evil Rico.  Good band, good people, good choice for tonight.

and in a moment of vanity….

  • Yours truly will be playing with The Still Guns on Saturday night at Bo’s Bar downtown.  I don’t want to make any claims, but the last time I guested with the band, Bo’s Bar reportedly had it’s best night ever.  Records will be smashed, floors will be danced upon, and debauchery will be had this Halloween night.  I wouldn’t be shocked if Saturday night saw the debut of the new Stuart Bond/Rachael Roberts/Reed Watson project, either.  I know that it’s vain, I know that it’s self-serving, but I have to go ahead and put the following stamp on this show:  Dinah Recommends!!

Happy Halloween, and thanks for the support so far everybody!

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No, I haven’t forgotten…

To answer your questions…no.  I haven’t forgotten about this blog.

This has just been a major week in terms of deadlines, label issues and personal stuff.  It’s gotten me a bit off track on the blog, but I do have an announcement coming up that will ensure that I write something every single week!

So that’s good, I suppose.  In the meantime, bear with me.  I appreciate the patience.

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