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Happenings Tonight

  • Ham Bagby and the Siege/The Pinx at Egan’s for their annual Christmas Party.  The unveiling of the “Great Day in Tuscaloosa” photograph will happen there as well tonight.
  • Eddie Kirkland will bring some o’ dat blues to Little Willies tonight, and I’m not joking.  Debbie Bond opens.
  • DJ Bin Rockin brings the funk/thunder/asspopping at The Gray Lady tonight.

If you aren’t already involved in one of the myriad of holiday parties that are happening tonight, hit these up.  And keep an eye out for a rabid pack of Santas roaming around town.  They’re a jolly bunch.


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Tonight in Tuscaloosa

For those of you not heading to Atlanta, here’s a couple of shows in town tonight that are worth your while:

  • The Motions / Baak Gwai at Mellow Mushroom
  • Still Guns at Top Shelf Tavern

Get out there and support local music.  Roll Tide.

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Weekend Roundup: 11.12-14

There’s a ton going on in Tuscaloosa this weekend.  I’ll expound later, but for now, here’s a list of stuff you can enjoy.

Thursday, November 12th

  • Evil Rico at the Booth.  Great musicians playing great tunes.  It’s a no-brainer.  9:30 PM
  • Stuart Bond and Jonathan Stephens at Gnemi’s Topshelf.  Get your acoustic/electric/acoustic/whateveritis on at Topshelf.  Maybe Stuart will play that “song” that everyone likes.  10:30 PM

Friday, November 13th

  • Callooh! Callay! at the CAVE at Coleman Coliseum.  Weird spot for a show, but it’s going down.  I think it’s before a volleyball game or something.  You probably won’t stay for that, but C!C!’s got some great new material and you should check it out.  5:30 PM.
  • The Classic Flame/Come Up For Air at a House Party.  318 Wesley Place.  Don’t tell them I sent you.  Early evening-Late PM.

Saturday, November 14th

  • Callooh! Callay! and The Classic Flame at Little Willie’s.  Cool, interesting combination at a cool, interesting venue.  Gotta love that.  10:00 PM.
  • The Motions and Charmed I’m Sure at Egan’s.  The final Egan’s appearance of 2009 for The Motions, accompanied by a stellar indie-rock group from Jackson, MS.  People will be talking about this one.  10:00 PM, or, immediately following the ass-kicking of Mississippi State.

No excuses.  Get out there and support some local artists.  I’ll expound on a few of these, and present a whole lot of exciting news coming up later.  Now, off to work.

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Tuscaloosa Bands in B-Ham Friday Night

If you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO BE in Larryland, a.k.a. Birmingham, this Friday, then we have some Tuscaloosa acts that will be in the area that you should check out.  Normally, we don’t talk much about the ‘Ham, but I suppose we should since there isn’t much going down Friday night in Tuscaloosa.

  • The Motions will be playing a house party at Magic City Wholesale with Model Citizen Friday night.
  • Matt Mackey and the Still Guns will be playing at The High Note Lounge Friday night, as well.

So there.  Tuscaloosa jams in the Ham.  Hit it up.

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Bama/LSU Weekend Happenings

Well folks, this is the biggest game of the year in Tuscaloosa…which means there are entertainment options galore this weekend.  Lets just try to leave the guns out of it this weekend, alright?  It wasn’t real fun hearing gunshots in Temerson Square.  Enough of that nonsense.  Anyway, here’s some stuff going on this weekend.

  • Tonight at the Kentuck Art Gallery, Blaine Duncan and the Lookers will play as part of Kentuck’s Artrageous Night.  Susan Brown Freeman is the artist in residence for the evening.  5:00-9:00 PM.
  • Also tonight, Ben Joseph and Jonathan Stephens will be playing some tunes at Bo’s Bar.  It should start up around 10, and go until close.  Shows with cover songs are a LOT better when the players can actually play their own stuff, too.  This is the case here.
  • Saturday night at The Depot will feature Model Citizen, Mansfield and a late-night set from DJ Bin Rockin.  All this will come after Alabama beats LSU.  Hopefully.
  • Also Saturday night, Silver Lions 20/20 will be playing at Egan’s if you must be on the Strip post-game.

If I’ve missed anything, let me know.  Roll Tide.

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Halloween Weekend in T-Town

There’s definitely some notable stuff going down this weekend in town, so here’s all the info you need to get out there and take advantage.

First off, Oz Music will be having a Halloween sale and it’s worth stopping in for.  Come shopping in costume and you’ll get 15% off your TOTAL purchase.  That’s a good sale.  They’ll also have candy for, and I quote the owner here, “kids of all ages”.  So check that out and support independent businesses here in town.

Here’s some of the live music you can look for this weekend:

  • The Dexateens are playing at Mellow Mushroom on Saturday night.  Because it’s at the Mushroom, Shane Lollar will be running sound– and that means it’s the best spot to see the ‘Teens.
  • Evil Rico is playing at the Jupiter tonight.  Now, I will admit that I’m not the biggest fan of the Jupiter (that’s another story for another time), but you can’t find nicer folks than the guys that make up Evil Rico.  Good band, good people, good choice for tonight.

and in a moment of vanity….

  • Yours truly will be playing with The Still Guns on Saturday night at Bo’s Bar downtown.  I don’t want to make any claims, but the last time I guested with the band, Bo’s Bar reportedly had it’s best night ever.  Records will be smashed, floors will be danced upon, and debauchery will be had this Halloween night.  I wouldn’t be shocked if Saturday night saw the debut of the new Stuart Bond/Rachael Roberts/Reed Watson project, either.  I know that it’s vain, I know that it’s self-serving, but I have to go ahead and put the following stamp on this show:  Dinah Recommends!!

Happy Halloween, and thanks for the support so far everybody!

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Must See Shows This Weekend

Saturday:  Taylor Hollingsworth at Egan’s. No cover, great show.  Hollingsworth’s always been a name in the local world, but he got a little bigger with the help of Conor Oberst, who invited him to join his “Mystic Valley Band” last year.  This will be a quality show, and you just can’t beat free– especially after Bama taps that Vol ass.

Sunday:  Alabama Blues Project Benefit at Little Willies. Sounds boring, but trust me, it isn’t.  Not only is this a rare Sunday show, but the bands playing this thing are phenomenal.  Those that know me often hear me singing the praises of The Brooms, a local blues-rock band that simply slays. Again, they look young and play old.  The show will also include the ABP band, Debbie Bond, Simple Interest and the Blue Light Specials.  $5 for students, $10 for adults…and it supports one of the finest causes our city has to offer.  Alabama Blues Project for more information.  Don’t miss this one.

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The Motions THIS FRIDAY NIGHT at The Booth

This show was literally lined up about 5 minutes ago, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a blowout.

Newly reformed and wonderful Tuscaloosa group Chinese Dentist had to cancel tomorrow night’s show at The Booth, so new Tuscaloosa favorite The Motions will fill in.  I could literally write you an essay about how fucking great The Motions are, but I’ll ask you to trust me on this one and make The Booth your Friday night stop this weekend.  This will be their first show back in town since their completely epic performance at last edition of “The Depot” houseparty.

Somewhere in our archives is a “Five Questions” feature with Motions’ frontman Toby Hartleroad, so scroll down and check that out.  Also, they maintain a band blog and are one of the flagship signees of Hackberry Records (full disclosure, blah blah blah).

I asked Toby for a quick thought on tomorrow night’s show at The Booth:

“We’re really excited to get to put our feet in a place like The Booth.  I mean, we’re playing an opening slot for a show in Columbus that night and then loading out and heading to Tuscaloosa for it.  Obviously, there’s a lot of history with that place, and a lot of folks have a lot of great memories of great bands that played at their old spot.  It’s gonna be fun to, hopefully, start a new tradition at their new place.”

Missing this show will be the biggest mistake you make this week.  Don’t let that happen.  See you Friday night.

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Unknown Hinson is coming to Tuscaloosa

Don’t say you weren’t warned.  Pull out your Sharpies, mark October 23rd on your calendar, and make plans now to be at the Mellow Mushroom for what will be one of the most memorable Tuscaloosa shows in a long time.


I’m not even going to attempt to describe this guy on here, but you’ll get a good idea if you go check out his site.  I’ve seen him a couple of times, each time being an absolute blast.  This guy will KILL in Tuscaloosa, and I have a good feeling Shane Lollar down at the Mushroom had a major say in this booking decision.  Nice work, Shane.

Don’t say you weren’t informed:


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Last Minute Update: PB Army @ Oz, Egan’s

So it’s Sunday, you’re hungover…and really have a hankering for some live music.

Well, your answer literally just walked in the door at Oz.  We thought they may not show, but they did, so here’s a last minute update– the PB Army from Toledo, OH is about to start their in-store performance at everyone’s favorite local record store.

I’d put a picture of them here…but they don’t really have a good one.  So PB Army…get to work on that.  Everyone else, check them out right now at Oz and tomorrow night at Egan’s.  And take a picture and send it to them.

There ya go.  Nice folks, go support them.

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