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Congratulations to the SEC Champions

Today is a great day in Titletown, USA.  Congratulations to the greatest bunch of players and coaches in the world.  It is truly a pleasure and a privilege to cheer for the mighty Crimson Tide.  Roll Tide.

There IS news on the music front this week, though.  Quite a bit.  We’ll start with the first half and then move on later in the week.

  • Tonight on WVUA 90.7 FM, I will be a guest on The Local Show, along with most of the artists from my label to promote the Hackberry Records Acoustic Showcase this Tuesday night at the Bama Theatre.  Proceeds benefit the Tuscaloosa Good Samaritan Clinic.  Great cause, great tunes.  Tune in and find out more.

More later, after I recover from yesterday.  Holy crap.


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More down time…but more good reading

Check this link out, folks.  It’s a great piece, brought to my attention by Toby Hartleroad of The Motions.  Speaking of The Motions, they’ll be at Mellow Mushroom Friday night.  We’ll also have an article about their recent name issues coming soon.  In the meantime, punch the link:


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The Opposite of Libel

As most of you know, or as you might have gathered from reading through this blog, I run a fledgling independent record label called Hackberry Records.  Now, on this blog I attempt to maintain some sort of balance when it comes to talking about artists that I represent.  Yes, they make up some of the local music that we are trying to celebrate in Tuscaloosa…and no, they aren’t the only ones.  Sometimes the balance dies, and my affection for these bands creeps through, and it probably nauseates you.

I’m sorry.

With that being said, I’m about to launch into a brag session that would probably send the previously offended into an outright fit.  Again, I’m sorry.  If you can’t take it, go read Pitchfork or something.

Tonight, two of my bands are playing at the Mellow Mushroom for the Fall 90.7 FM benefit show.  Callooh! Callay! and The Motions.  Yeah, you need to be there.  It’s $5 bucks, and it supports the revival of a station that we really, really need in Tuscaloosa.  Is it everything that I want?  No.  Do we sometimes have to make concessions in order to get some of what we want?  Yes.  This is why I wholeheartedly support WVUA 90.7 FM.  It may not be the indie-rific, free-form beacon of light that some of us have hoped for, but it does support local music and it beams it out to the masses.  We have to back that.  So for those reasons and more, get out to Mellow tonight.

As for the bands, well– I couldn’t be more proud of them.  Callooh! Callay! is a band that has played alongside me for years, and it’s a complete honor to rep them now.  Adam and Dan both know how I feel about their talent– I’ve never been shy about telling them.  The difference now is that they’ve discovered the sound to back up that talent, and they’ve tapped into an area of sound that is unique and impressive.  They’ve finally found their sound, and we’re all thrilled about it.  With the help of their sometimes quiet (but obviously talented) bassist and the addition of a complete behemoth on drums, you’re going to hear a lot more from them.  I went into their rehearsal this week planning to stay 30 minutes…and I was there nearly 2 hours.  They are great friends, great people and great musicians.  They’ve worked their asses off to just peek their head into the collective conscience, and I think all that work and toil and struggle is about to pay off.  Don’t be late to the game on them.

The Motions have had a hell of a year, and it’s been a complete thrill and honor to be able to rep them during it.  Before I had any title and a cut, I was really thrilled to call them all friends, though.  I kept an eye on them, and when I got their CD in the mail, I was floored.  They asked me to be a tour manager, and that went amazingly well– and then they asked me to be their manager.  I immediately asked them to be on my label.  For me, it’s been a match made in heaven.  They work hard and are always thinking about what they can do and what we can do to move forward.  I’ve never met a more driven bunch of kids in my life.  I probably communicate with Toby is some form or fashion every single day, and I’d like to think that our drive and enthusiasm keeps each other keyed up and focused.  Either way, people really don’t understand just how much harder it is for a band of underage kids to compete in a “of-age” world.  Every single gig, every single break and every single mention and bit of adoration is earned with determination, sweat and the occasional tears.  They’ve earned their buzz this year, and I am beaming proud to have been able to watch it all happen from behind the scenes.  At this point, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard somebody talking about this band–  tonight is your chance to catch them on a big stage with lights, pro sound and, hopefully, a loud and enthusiastic crowd.

I don’t know who is opening and who is closing, and frankly, I don’t care.  This is a split bill show that showcases two of my most exciting acts for a good cause.  Each band is going to push the other to play their best.

Trust me– you’re gonna hear some good tunes tonight.  I couldn’t urge you more to check it out.

WVUA-FM Fall Benefit Show feat. Callooh! Callay! and The Motions–  10pm sharp, $5, 19+.

Hope to see you there.  Come and say hello.

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The Sunday Hangover Grips Tuscaloosa

Obviously, many of you took the advice of these pages and you got out last night and heard some music.  There were a TON of new faces around town, in all kinds of different spots…and that’s really great.

That’s not just shows I was promoting, either.  Friends all over town were telling me that there were an unusual amount of people out last night to see live music, especially for it being an away weekend in football.  Sure– “away” is a relative term when we’re talking about a Mississippi State game, but it’s still a great sign.

Spirits were high last night, and I’m sure that a collective hangover is gripping the city at this very moment.  You should all be proud of yourselves.

In the meantime…

Recover from this weekend by listening to a recap of it, and a preview of the upcoming week (it’s gonna be cool).  Where can you do this?

WVUA 90.7 FM.  LIVE!  Tonight from 8-10PM!

I’ll be a guest on The Local Show tonight, along with Toby and Max from The Motions!  Who knows who else might stop by?

So listen up, tonight.  It should be fun.

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New Releases 9/29

No, these aren’t all of them.  I put up the ones I want to.  That’s how we roll here.  Then I choose a few you should check out.  These shouldn’t surprise you.

  • The Avett Brothers- I & Love & You
  • Paramore- Brand New Eyes (Dinah Recommends!)
  • Karen O & the Kids- Where The Wild Things Are OST  (Dinah Recommends!)
  • 7 Worlds Collide- The Sun Came Out (Dinah Recommends!)
  • Elvis Costello- Live at the El Mocambo  (Dinah Recommends!)

Anything stand out about that to you?  Look closely.  No, you aren’t reading that wrong.

If you are unlucky enough to pick up the new Avetts disc (and many, many of you are), be sure and read the little monologue on the inside front cover.  It’s referred to in the booklet as the “Mission Statement”– but it reminds me more of Kanye West.  Yeah, I suppose I’ve punched my ticket to the Haters’ Ball on this subject, but I’m patiently waiting for the moment where everyone takes a deep breath, opens up the album, gives it a spin…and a collective “huh?” brings everyone back down to Earth.  I’ve rarely heard as much hype over a dud in my life.

And that officially ends my Avett Brothers rant for good.  I’m through.  Back to Emotionalism.

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Blog Features on the Horizon

Just a few notes on a few things that are coming down the pipes here.

  • From time to time, I’m going to start posting some album reviews– nothing particularly focused on T-Town, but general national released albums that I think are notable.  If I get the feeling, I’ll post it.  So that might be coming up.
  • I’m thinking about starting a “Random Wax” feature, where I spotlight a weird or notable record in either my LP collection or the collection of one of my friends.  I’ll probably have an entry into that series sometime this week.
  • I’ve got some friends that have some incredible taste in music– some that are so focused on particular genres that it’s almost like reading an encyclopedia.  These folks are obsessed.  During the week, it’s obvious that there are going to be dead zones for local music talk.  So from time to time, I may let one of these interesting people jump in an recommend a listen to something they really enjoy, and then tell you why.  That may not start this week, but it’s coming down the chute.
  • Finally, I want to have an occasional emphasis on art in music– posters and LP art and the like.  I may start a series where I post concert posters/LP art that I think is interesting, and my explanation as to why.  Also, interviews with the people who create that art.  Those that have been in my room know that concert posters are one of my curiosities.
  • Basically, I want to continue to expand this blog into something that is not only enjoyable on the weekends, but something that is engaging and enjoyable all the time.  Our traffic has been overwhelming and I really appreciate it.  It gives me motivation to continue on doing it and cranking out stuff I think is cool.  So keep on checking it out and let me know what you think.

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