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Congratulations to the SEC Champions

Today is a great day in Titletown, USA.  Congratulations to the greatest bunch of players and coaches in the world.  It is truly a pleasure and a privilege to cheer for the mighty Crimson Tide.  Roll Tide.

There IS news on the music front this week, though.  Quite a bit.  We’ll start with the first half and then move on later in the week.

  • Tonight on WVUA 90.7 FM, I will be a guest on The Local Show, along with most of the artists from my label to promote the Hackberry Records Acoustic Showcase this Tuesday night at the Bama Theatre.  Proceeds benefit the Tuscaloosa Good Samaritan Clinic.  Great cause, great tunes.  Tune in and find out more.

More later, after I recover from yesterday.  Holy crap.


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Ladies and Gentlemen…

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A quick note…

To all of you who are searching Google for “Alabama Homecoming Concert” and landing at this page, let me be the bearer of bad news.

UA isn’t having a homecoming concert this year.  No, I’m not kidding.  No concert.

Just thought I’d clear that up since 95% of incoming search traffic involves that subject.

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Taking Back $75,000? Not Possible.


Lets make damn sure whoever chose these goobers don’t get to choose anymore.

And can we make damn sure that you don’t swing the mic around like that anymore?

(Feel free to add your own “make damn sure” quips in the comments section.)

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Digging Deeper on Homecoming

The more I dig around on this, the more stunning the final result.  Who’s ready for some math?  I sure am.  Lets go:

Assume that the Homecoming show has a budget of around $70,000.  I’d say that’s pretty close to the mark.  Now, according to Main Stage Productions, who’s shopping artists around to colleges for these kind of shows– Taking Back Sunday cost a cool $75,000 to bring to campus.  Fair enough.  We blew our wad on one big showcase event.  I get that, and I support that.

But there’s a couple of reasons why this makes me sick to my stomach.  First, the bogus reasoning laid out in the Crimson White today was clearly a fabrication.  Second, one can only imagine the acts we could have gotten with $75K.

For the sake of argument, lets stick with acts being promoted by Main Stage.  Here are a list of acts that we could have seen Friday night at Coleman Coliseum, barring scheduling conflicts, and the prices we would have had to pay to get them here.

  • Arctic Monkeys- $40,000
  • Ben Folds- $40,000
  • Cold War Kids- $25,000
  • Girl Talk- $25,000
  • Grace Potter & the Nocturnals- $7500
  • MGMT- $50,000
  • Nada Surf- $20,000
  • Regina Spektor- $35,000
  • Sara Barellies- $25,000
  • The Decemberists- $40,000
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah’s- $50,000

And that’s just general rock/pop acts from THAT agency. Really disappointing stuff.

In honor of the end of an era, I’ll be posting my Top 5 Homecoming Concert Moments later in the week.

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UA Cancels Homecoming Concert

The Crimson White reports today that the University of Alabama Student Affairs office has officially put the nix on Tuscaloosa’s annual source of debate and dissapointment, the Homecoming Concert.

“This weekend is a family weekend,” Kelli Knox-Hall, Ferguson Center senior assistant director of operations, said.  “A lot of people are making time to spend with their families and go to the game.  Most people can’t or don’t want to leave their company to go to a concert.”

Wait, really?  That’s the excuse? People didn’t come to the show because of family obligations?  Are you sure it didn’t have anything to do with blowing the budget on a concert by Taking Back Sunday this Friday night?

Yep.  No doubt, if you’ve driven AWAY from campus on I-20 the past month, you’ve seen the stupid-ass billboard advertising the screaming/crying extravaganza going on Friday night at Coleman Coliseum.  But why Taking Back Sunday?  And why now, instead of Homecoming weekend?  Is there any logical explanation for it whatsoever?  Is there ever?

You know, while I’m sure the dunces at WVUA 90.7 approved of that choice, maybe you should’ve taken a hint from their declining ratings and gone in a different direction.  But don’t just trust me on this one…listen to this glowing report:

The sale of tickets has reached a little under 1,000, as of now.

First off, glad the CW added “as of now” to that.  I was confused.  Second, I invite you to take a moment and imagine 1,000 people in Coleman Coliseum.  Keep in mind that the building holds 15,000 people.  Lets just say that the band won’t be the only people crying and screaming.  Here’s looking at you, Office of Student Affairs.

Perhaps the most telling statement of all came from UA senior Nicholas Boyd, who had this to say:

“Their music isn’t particularly mind-boggling…”

Well, there ya go.  But you know what, he’s still going, because deep down in his soul, he hopes that somehow, someway, the University of Alabama can find a way to pull a fun event out of their hat…one that doesn’t involve sports.

Good luck with that.

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