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Want some free, local music?

My record label, Hackberry Records has just reissued two releases from recent signee Callooh! Callay!.

Live from The Bama Theatre and The Bird’s Run are now HAC-005 and HAC-006, respectively.  Best of all, they are available for FREE download from their website…

…which you can access by clicking here.

It’s also worth noting that they will be appearing live this Thursday night with The Motions at Mellow Mushroom as part of the Fall WVUA 90.7 benefit concert. More on that event coming soon.


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New Releases 9/29

No, these aren’t all of them.  I put up the ones I want to.  That’s how we roll here.  Then I choose a few you should check out.  These shouldn’t surprise you.

  • The Avett Brothers- I & Love & You
  • Paramore- Brand New Eyes (Dinah Recommends!)
  • Karen O & the Kids- Where The Wild Things Are OST  (Dinah Recommends!)
  • 7 Worlds Collide- The Sun Came Out (Dinah Recommends!)
  • Elvis Costello- Live at the El Mocambo  (Dinah Recommends!)

Anything stand out about that to you?  Look closely.  No, you aren’t reading that wrong.

If you are unlucky enough to pick up the new Avetts disc (and many, many of you are), be sure and read the little monologue on the inside front cover.  It’s referred to in the booklet as the “Mission Statement”– but it reminds me more of Kanye West.  Yeah, I suppose I’ve punched my ticket to the Haters’ Ball on this subject, but I’m patiently waiting for the moment where everyone takes a deep breath, opens up the album, gives it a spin…and a collective “huh?” brings everyone back down to Earth.  I’ve rarely heard as much hype over a dud in my life.

And that officially ends my Avett Brothers rant for good.  I’m through.  Back to Emotionalism.

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New Releases 9/22

As always, these and gobs more are available at Tuscaloosa’s very own independent music retailer….Oz Music!

  • Pearl Jam- Backspacer
  • David Gray- Draw The Line
  • Monsters of Folk- Monsters of Folk

And I thought they were all boring, to be frank.  Objectivity is alive and well on this blog and at Oz.  So hit up your favorite little record shop and buy something else great.  Just not these.

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New Releases / 09.15

Notable new releases for September 15th.  As always, these are available at your very own local independent record store:  Oz Music in the Parkview Center!

  • Muse- The Resistance  (Dinah Recommends!)
  • Pete Yorn & Scarlett “Jawdrop” Johansson- The Breakup
  • Mark Knopfler- Get Lucky

Lets say you’re a student from a far-away place, or a local who gets their tunes at Target.  Well, get out your pens and paper because it’s time to learn about the mystical land of Oz.  Oz Music is Tuscaloosa’s very own, locally owned and operated independent record shop.  They’ve been around forever, and trust me…they aren’t going anywhere.  They also happen to employ yours truly, so if you needed another push– there ya go.  If you’re leaving campus on Hackberry going towards 15th St., just cross the traintracks and take a right into the Parkview Center.  Behold the land of Oz.  Converse with it’s happy-go-lucky musical nerds/staff.  Support what’s left of a dying breed.  Feel good in the process.

They’ve got vinyl, an absurd amount of obscure and completely normal CD’s, and the ability to order just about anything you want and have it back in a couple of days.  Did I mention they were friendly and incredibly supportive of the creative community in T-Town?  I can’t speak highly enough of Oz.  Go there.

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